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Years ago, I was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder.  After a few very scary episodes that felt like heart-attacks, my doctor decided that I was healthy and suffering from panic attacks.

Recently, I had some genetic testing done (, and found that my DNA is programmed for this type of illness.  Consequently, because an enzyme called COMT can’t properly metabolize certain neurotransmitters, my brain sends and receives emergency signals when there is no reason to do so.

  1. To help support my body’s ability to relax, I have found that keeping my iron levels and potassium levels in check has helped a lot.  When I was breastfeeding, I especially had a problem with this, and experienced much more anxiety due to being dehydrated and depleted of vitamins and minerals.
  2. Vitamin D has played a huge part in beating depression.  Not only was I occasionally suffering from Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD), from lack of sunlight, but I was missing out on D in my food as well.  After testing very low for D, I began seeking the sun and supplementing.
  3. Exercise and Yoga work great for staying level-headed.  When I exercise regularly, I feel better.
  4. Sleep is so important.  When I don’t get enough sleep, it starts to wear on me.  My nervousness increases when I’m tired. Being the mom of a little one is difficult, and I ask my husband for help during the night so that I can get enough sleep.
  5. Essential oils are awesome!  I can’t say enough good things about lavender.  I spray my pillow with it; put it in my bath, and even in my natural body spray.  It really helps me feel calm and relaxed.

Do you suffer from anxiety?  How do you cope?  Please share your tips below.