When we brought our first baby home a little over 6 years ago, one of the biggest challenges I didn’t expect was getting a shower. Who knew one tiny human being could create so much disruption in one’s search to get clean? Whether your first baby or your fifth, showering with a new baby can be a challenge. Check out these tips with how to actually get it done.


  1. Shower WITH the baby. One day, after discussing with my mother how hard getting a shower actually was with the new baby, she commented that my sister and I liked to shower WITH her. She warned me however, that wet little babies are SLIPPERY! So, until you are used to it, I suggest having another person on hand to give the baby to when you are finished. Then, take some time to enjoy a quiet shower while someone else cares for the baby. You can also use a water sling while showering with a baby.
  2. Naptime. Naptime is a wonderful time to get a quiet shower! Though it may not be your typical morning shower, sometimes a quiet shower is totally worth it. Just bring the baby monitor with you so you can hear if your baby wakes up.
  3. Entertain baby. Each of my babies have liked something different, but each had a favorite piece of baby gear. The swing, bouncy chair, car seat, or pack n’ play with a mobile are all good places to put a baby while you shower. I took many showers with the door wide open, singing songs, entertaining the baby.
  4. Wake up early. Trust me, I know, waking up early seems IMPOSSIBLE when they are so young, but if you can sneak out of bed for 20 minutes before your baby wakes in the morning, you will feel like a human being. Not having someone need something the minute you wake up and getting some quiet time for a shower and cup of tea will totally be worth it. Doesn’t hurt to try it once or twice.
  5. Wait until your partner is home. If you have a partner, wait until they are around to help. You can let your baby and partner have some quality one on one time while you lock yourself in the bathroom or a quiet shower or bath.

What’s your secret to getting a shower with a newborn?