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This is our biggest giveaway yet.  Next week we’re giving away 8 products to one lucky winner! A random giveaway winner will be posted in the Giveaway section of the Crunchy Moms forum on Friday, November 8th!  Make sure you check out our Product Reviews & Giveaways sections weekly for new product reviews and giveaways.

Check out these product reviews and enter to win:

Lonestar Fashions T-shirt Necklace Review & Giveaway
I am a huge fan of necklaces. I really love finding things that can serve more than their original purpose. When I found this recycled t-shirt necklace made by Lonestar Fashions, I knew I had to check it out! – Read more and enter to win!

Sweet Vegan Delights Review & Giveaway
I found the most adorable cookies when I was looking for some items for my Fall Special.  These are buttery almond cookies filled with strawberry or raspberry jam from Sweet Vegan Delight on Etsy. – Read more and enter to win!

Lunchskins Sandwich and Snack Bag Review & Giveaway
Having five boys, I go through mass quantities of plastic snack bags.  To be frugal and eco conscious, I try to wash and reuse as many as possible, but some just HAVE to be throw out. – Read more and enter to win!

ApotheKara Pumpkin Patch-ouli Incense Review & Giveaway
Sometimes I act like a man in the sense that I don’t think I need to read the instructions. This product was one of those times and it was a big mistake on my part. – Read more and enter to win!

Bliss Farms Dry Goods Review & Giveaway
I am completely obsessed with caramel, so I am always on the hunt to find the next amazing caramel candy.  I came across some goat milk caramel treats from Bliss Farms Dry Goods and I just had to try them – Read more and enter to win!

The Chequered Lily Eye Shadow Review & Giveaway
As a busy mom, I hardly ever do my makeup anymore. However, I do make exceptions for special occasions, and one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. – Read more and enter to win!

Gypsy Pea Magoo Brush Review & Giveaway
I live in Texas where our weather is usually hot and gross.  I do love living here, but this weather ruins my hair.  I have thick hair that gets super frizzy if you just look at me wrong. – Read more and enter to win!

TigerBranch Sampler Review & Giveaway
It’s no secret that I love the edible goodies! I especially love sweet treats. The sampler from TigerBranch on Etsy is an amazingly delicious quartet of sweet treats! You get four adorable little jars of homemade yummy goodness. – Read more and enter to win!