Smartphones are damaging relationships, causing an increasing number of injuries and changing our postureCrunchy Moms are notorious for questioning everything, so we thought it was time to bring up the idea that maybe, just maybe, some of us need to unplug.

I started my attempts at reducing my usage about six months ago when I turned off all email notifications, social notifications and deleted the Facebook app off of my phone. Six weeks ago I went a step further by completely deactivating my FB. I can’t tell you how much more peace I feel without all of the negative in my feed. And, considering FB thinks playing with emotions is a game, eh. I’m over it.

There have been several PSA video’s lately about texting and driving that has brought our addictions to light. After seeing them I have to admit that I have become extremely cautious of drivers all around me. Can I see their hands? Are they looking down? Are they really even paying attention?

It’s honestly not about not being safe in a car. It’s about having the ability to mentally force ourselves to not text, not check, not respond, not answer. Addiction. Maybe?

According to Tonya Mosley, you can ask yourself these four questions to determine if you’re addicted.

  • Do you panic when you’ve misplaced your phone?
  • Are you on your phone during social situations or in the presence of family?
  • Do you carry your smartphone everywhere, even to the bathroom?
  • Do you go to sleep and wake up looking at your phone?

Honestly though, it’s important to know WHY most of us are using our phones. Most of us already know we’re on our phones more than we should be, but it seems like most don’t realize HOW much.

(Graphic from Mashable)

If you’re trying to change your ways, how about an app that tells you exactly how many times you’re on your phone? An app by a super cool meditation app maker called Calm, has also made an app called Checky that tells you exactly how many times you’ve been on your phone in separate sessions today. Of course, it doesn’t include the times you may have logged in from a desktop or laptop.


If you’re addicted to having a device in your hand, maybe it’s time to go for something a little more intense, like this handy kitchen safe that locks your device inside for a set amount of time. For our family, having a device of any kind at the table is a HUGE no, no. While we’ve managed to quell the habit, there are still families that are struggling to put it down. The kitchen safe might be a great idea for other times you just want to unplug too… oh, say… like every day when you walk in the door from work or after picking the kids up from school.


I kind of miss the days when I was young. We left the house, turned on the answering machine and were completely free to run and do what we wanted while we were gone. We called home to check in from the pay phone. We didn’t feel the need to post every. single. thing. we ate, did, seen, didn’t see, loved, hated, explored, heard, read or didn’t read today.

And, if you’re like me, you’ve had friends who have been upset that it took 27 minutes for you to respond to their text. Who needs that?

In any case, as Crunchy Moms, shouldn’t we consider that smartphones are just one more item that we need to consider crossing off or reducing in our lives? It’s worth some serious consideration.