Corynn Myers


Corynn is first and foremost a “mamamamama” to a brilliant 11 month old girl named Riley Ruth (Riley Roo). Riley has taught her so many things in these short months but most importantly how wonderful being a mommy can be. Corynn is also a wife to a handsome soldier who is currently deployed in Afghanistan and a graduate student pursuing her master’s in Corporate Communication. She spends most of her days worrying about her husband, trying to balance an ever curious baby, and researching the next 15 page paper she has to write. She has a weakness for chocolate, good bread, coffee, and Mediterranean food and prefers a night of Parks and Recreation with her family more than anything else. Corynn also has a crooked face dog (Maximus) who enjoys eating dirty socks, a skittish, male cat (Leonidas) who likes to listen to his meow echo in the bathroom, and a bitchy, female cat (Cannoli Bear) who is the queen of her own little world.