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Baby teeth may be temporary but baby dental care is still important and is not something that should be overlooked. So when exactly should you start brushing your baby’s teeth? As any pediatric dentist will tell you, you should start brushing as soon as the first tooth appears. Of course, for baby, this will be a completely new experience so take it slow and easy and be patient. The first few times may be a struggle but it will become easier for both of you after the first few times.

How To Brush Baby Teeth

To clean your baby’s teeth, take a small infant toothbrush  and gently brush all sides of the tiny teeth that have emerged. You do not need to add any toothpaste yet. Simply brush the tooth or teeth gently with the plain, clean toothbrush. You can start adding toothpaste to the brush when your baby is about 12 months old. A tiny dollop about the size of a match head is generally enough.

 When To Brush Baby Teeth

It is best to make it a habit to brush baby’s teeth after every meal and again before bed time.

When your baby has about eight teeth, you can switch over to a child sized toothbrush.

Dental Visits For Healthy Teeth

Depending on your pediatric Dentist, the first dental visit should either be when your baby’s first tooth emerges, or upon turning 2 years old.  It is recommended to have an exam and cleaning every six months following that. If you have dental concerns before this time, it is imperative you schedule an early appointment.