itchy skin, winter, crunchy moms, dry air, itchiness, crunchy, hydrated, tea, health, crunchy mom, humidifier, laundry detergent, moisturizers, coconut oilWith an abundance of frigid, dry air in the Midwest, my skin is paying the price!  Itchiness, dry patches, and chapped hands are plaguing me as I type!  How about you?  Here are three ways to baby your skin and protect it from more damage:

1.  Stay Hydrated.  In addition to drinking the recommended 8 cups of water, try adding some tea and the greatly-hydrating beverage “coconut water” to your daily menu.   Use a humidifier in your home.  Eat foods with high water content such as cucumber, iceberg lettuce, celery, and radishes.

2.  Check your laundry detergent.  If you’re sensitive to chemicals in detergents, it’s likely to be more noticeable when you have dry skin.  Try a recipe for natural, homemade laundry detergent, and use apple cider vinegar in the wash for a softener.  Wool dryer balls will help prevent static in the dryer.

3.  Apply moisturizers liberally.  To help prevent chapping, try organic coconut oil.  You can apply this anywhere on your body, and even on lips.  To treat chapped skin and dry hair, try this do-it-yourself recipe: mix together a cup of fresh buttermilk, a dollop of organic olive oil, two tablespoons of local honey, and an avocado.  Apply to skin and hair in the morning before you shower, and just rinse off in the shower.  If you’re still feeling dry and itchy, try adding oatmeal to a warm bath, and soak for 20 minutes.

I hope these tips help your skin feel like a million bucks!  Do you have any favorite tips to share?  Recommend in the comments below.