My daughter is 10 months old, I’m a full time graduate student, and my husband is deployed. Life can get hectic and those convenient drive-thru restaurants are sometimes tempting. For a small price I can get dinner to go, hot and ready. I’ve done it more than I like to admit but when my daughter started showing an interest in food, I started feeling guilty. My daughter wants bites of what I’m eating and she deserves better than the processed garbage that is handed to me through a window. So, I’ve been attempting to, and have been pretty successful at, avoiding the lure of convenience and taking one more step to being “crunchier”.

The Fast Food Monster

Do I need to explain why we should not submit our bodies to the horrendous ways of the Fast Food Monster? From the recent study that found there is more connective tissue in chicken nuggets than actual meat or the fact that fast food has so many preservatives it looks the same 4 years later, it is obvious that this fast “food” is not actually food.

Going Crunchy

So, with a little planning ahead you and I can avoid these Fast Food Monsters and take another step toward a “crunchier” you.

1.      Supermarkets: Supermarkets can be a fast alternative to a drive-thru. Some supermarkets have pre-made meals that are a healthier alternative to that fast food burger. If there is a Whole Foods near you, they have a great selection of healthy, pre-made lunch options.

2.      Fast Casual: Turns out you can still go through a drive-thru! Chains like Panera, Chipotle, and Pei Wei are great alternatives to a typical drive-thru. Chipotle boasts that their food includes “hormone and antibiotic free chicken” among other healthier options. For information on nutrition facts, just visit their website via the links above.

3.      Homemade: I know this is sort of obvious, but prepping your own meals and investing in storage containers or a nice lunch box can save you money and give you healthier lunch options. I know this can be impossible some days, but making your own frozen dinners, and using them through the week, can give you more control over your food.

Sometimes we need to find a reason to change and I want to change for my daughter. I do not want to poison her body with the supposed food that comes from the Fast Food Monster and I need to be healthier for her, after all, she takes her cues from me.