The Holiday season is upon us and if you’re like me, you are already trying to figure out who is on your gift-giving list and what gifts to get people. Here are thoughtful ideas that are easy on your wallet.

1. Affirmation Jar.  Recycle a jar from your house or buy one. Use Modge Podge adhesive (also will work as the sealant too!) and create a collage on the outside of the jar out of magazine clippings, construction paper, cut out shapes and scrapbook paper. Choose words and images that are personalized and uplifting/fun/loving/interesting for the person you are making the jar for. For inside the jar, search on the internet for different quotes and copy and paste them into a word document. Suggestions for how to search for quotes include “joyful quotes”, “beautiful quotes”, “peaceful quotes”, “gratitude quotes” and so on. Print the word document and cut the quotes into slips of paper. Fold and put into the jar. Sometimes I add other little goodies like dark chocolate kisses for example.

2. Custom Designed Item. I am sure there are many DIY ways to custom design something, but I swear, the bleach method I am going to share with you is so easy and quick to do! My favorite item to make using this method is a custom t-shirt. I have been able to find good quality t-shirts  $3-5 at the store. I’ve had good luck searching clearance racks at especially Walmart, Target and Old Navy. Choose what you want to write or design on the t-shirt. Create a stencil or buy stencils. Put a piece of cardboard between the t-shirt and place the stencils on the t-shirt. I use a generic kitchen cleaner with bleach spray. I got a big bottle for $2 and I could make hundreds of t-shirts before I run out of the stuff! You can either spray the cleaner on, or apply it with a sponge. (Caution: don’t over bleach the item! You want just enough for the item to bleach the area around the stencil without bleeding into and under the stencil.) Let it dry before washing. Other items you could use include: aprons, cloth bags, pot holders, pillow cases, baby onesies, and so much more!

3. Photo Collage or Framed Photo. With the help of social media like Facebook, we have personal photos of our loved ones at our fingertips! You can browse photos and download them onto your computer to create a photo collage or print a favorite picture and frame it. Another idea is to pick a couple favorite pictures and add in quotes and images of favorite items to make a favorites collage or an encouragement collage.

4. Old School Mixtape. We all remember mixtapes but these days you don’t hear much about them. It is so much fun to put together a “mixtape” (CD) for loved ones! Put your favorite music together or make specific playlists like, “Clean Your House And Dance,” “The Kids Are Sleeping, Now It’s Time To Party,” or “When All Else Fails, Turn This On And Dance.”

 Share your own favorite budget friendly gift ideas in the comments below! Or tell us if you decide to use one of my ideas, and how it turned out!