Sometimes I feel like I’m doing my children an injustice by not giving them a “First Day of School.” You know, the new school outfit, the “First Day of 2nd Grade” picture,  the butterflies in your stomach, and the curiosity of whether or not you will like your new teacher. Schools here start in early August, and while we don’t officially start our schooling until after Labor Day, we like to have a fun day celebrating the fact that we aren’t going back to school quite yet.

Do you homeschool and want to join in on the fun? Maybe start a new tradition with your family and friends? Check out these ideas:

  • Visit the zoo or aquarium-With most kids back in the classroom, now is the perfect time to hit up your local zoo, aquarium, or other museum. Even Chuck E Cheese will be empty! No more summer school groups and its too early in the year for field trips.
  • Host a party-Invite your other homeschooling friends over to your house and have a party! Play games, eat cake, go swimming if you have a pool, and enjoy the fleeting summer days.
  • Take a group bowling, jumping, etc.-We have a local place for homeschoolers to take enrichment classes and every year they host a “back to school” party. Its always something fun like bowling or a trampoline place. You can easily book a venue as you would a birthday party, and celebrate with pizza and cake while doing something fun and taking advantage of a special group rate.
  • Go to the park-Meet your friends at a local park, play games, picnic, and tie-dye shirts. Of course you can always come dressed in pajamas to make it a bit silly!
  • Have a fun breakfast-If you have neighboring homeschoolers, set up a table, and host a brunch after the last school bus has picked up kids for the day.
  • Go on a trip-Celebrate your freedom by spending a few nights camping, visiting another city, or taking a quick one night getaway somewhere nearby. I always appreciate being able to travel and not adhere to the local school schedule.

What do you like to do to celebrate a new year of school?