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I’ve always liked the idea of homeschooling.  School was difficult for me, and although I had friends and was smart, I was also bored.  It seemed like the clock ticked so slowly, and it was hard waiting for my peers to catch up.  However, in math class, I was always the slowest and needed more help, of which I did not usually receive.

Would my experience have been different at home?  One does wonder if I could have achieved more at home, with a parent or tutor leading the way.

I did go on to graduate high school and obtained my Bachelor’s Degree.  After a couple years in a traditional college, I enrolled in a challenging online program to complete my degree. This was the first time I was actually excited about school.  I was able to self-pace and self-motivate, receive help when needed, and get the feedback I deserved.

I’m currently pursuing my Master’s degree via an online program.  Most of the time, it works well for me.

Now that I’m a mom, it’s hard to imagine sending my daughter to Kindergarten.  Attachment mamas must have an especially difficult time with this, though we hope this way of life has made our children emotionally stronger and more confident individuals.

My daughter seems to be very intelligent and great with language skills at 19 months.  But am I ready to be a teacher in addition to a work-at-home-mom?

I guess we have time to make the decision, but I’m not sure that will make it easier.

How did you make the decision between traditional and home school?  Please share your experience with us.