I love that our kids love sports.

Are they a future David Beckham? Probably not.

Are they out there to shatter the competition and make every other 6 year old go home crying? Absolutely not.

Our kiddos are involved in sports because we feel that the team effort it takes to make a goal, score a point, get a run and generally spend a months with a group of kids they consider to be their “team” is important.

They learn not to give up.

They learn to push a little harder to accomplish their goal.

They learn that despite losing a game or missing a point, that life goes on.

But, there is a lot that goes on in sports that makes me wonder if it’s the right place for our kids. First, there’s always THAT parent. The one that screams and yells and makes a huge scene because their kid missed a goal or the other team scored. again. and it’s not fair. and. it’s the end of the world.

Then, there’s the team snack. In our town the parents rotate who is bringing the snack which usually results in prepackaged processed foods by the tons.

As a soccer coach, you might be surprised by the number of sighs, crooked looks and snickers I get when I ask parents to bring a fresh snack and drink that doesn’t contain food coloring. I honestly didn’t think that was all that Crunchy, but hey, if asking for real food for a snack makes me the weird coach, it’s a title I’ll accept.

Last week they burnt the lines on the field using an herbicide and another mom literally laughed out loud when I asked the parents to make sure their kids didn’t sit on it because it hasn’t rained to wash the residue away. Maybe it’s just me, but anything with “icide” at the end scares the granola right out of me.

Regardless, Crunchy Moms can be soccer moms, basketball moms, baseball moms, four wheeler moms and us and our families can survive it. It’s important to remember to be prepared and understand that despite their grand efforts to bring a snack your kiddos will love, they’re most likely hauling in a sugar-packed dose of processed that will make your kiddos crash or feel horrible for the rest of the day. Pack the almonds and water. Bring a fresh fruit salad. Bring the most amazingly awesome fresh squeezed lemonade in the history of lemonade.

And then smile. You’re doing the best you can.

Cause that’s what we mama’s do best, right?

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