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I love the fact that more and more Crunchy Mama’s are turning to natural ways of healing cuts, curing colds, and cleaning their homes!

  • Essential oils are one of those amazing natural products that are versatile in use, good for you, and can save the household money!
  • Essential Oils are beginning to replace many over-the-counter drugs in Crunchy Mom households and are being researched by many for cures for cancer and other diseases.
  • Essential Oils can be used to cure the common cough, kick out indigestion, soothe a headache, and clean your house.
  • Essential Oils go inside the cell to kill the virus and bacteria. Medication cannot penetrate the cells walls and therefore are not necessarily as effective.

Every essential oil is amazing and has a multitude of uses. Depending on the ailment, there could be more than one EO that will work. You can use one at a time, or you can use a drop or two of each in conjunction with each other.

Typically, adults will use 2 to 4 drops. However, 1 to 2 drops should be sufficient for children. Rubbing the drops into a baby’s feet is a great way to use the EO’s for infants.
EO’s can be diluted in a carrier oil such as coconut, olive, or safflower oil. This is good for people with sensitive skin or for infants and small children.

Be aware that not all brands of oils are created equal. Make sure that your oil is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). These oils are 100% safe and natural and can be taken internally.

 There are 3 ways to use essential oils: aromatically, topically, or internally.

  • Aromatically
    You can use a diffuser to aromatically spread the oils into the air, or you can put a drop or two of the oil on your palm, wrist, or inside of the arm and inhale. Using an oil aromatically will help brighten your mood, clean the air (by killing bacteria), and opening your airways.
  •  Topically
    Using an essential oil topically is very simple: apply a drop or two of the oil onto the skin and rub in. The benefits of this include the fact that it is absorbed into the body quickly, gives immune system support, and often immediately alleviates the symptoms.
  • Internally
    For internal use of essential oils, there are a few different ways. You can add a drop or two of the oil to a glass of water; you can put it in an empty capsule and take like a pill; or you can apply a drop or two under the tongue. By using an essential oil internally, the digestive system and the immune system are supported. Again, please make sure any essential oil you use internally is of food grade!

Disclaimer: The information provided is for educational purposes only. None of these statements are intended to treat or diagnose an illness or disease. Seek medical advice for injuries, illnesses, or disease.