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When I first heard the phrase, “Have you thought about going dairy free?” I was sitting in a breastfeeding support group trying to calm my screaming baby. That one question changed our lives for the better. Over the next year, I cut dairy and soy completely out of my diet for the benefit of my son. It was a long and difficult path but it was so worth it.

These are a few helpful tips I picked up along the way:

1. Say good-bye to soy too– Dairy and Soy sensitivities go hand in hand so it is best to remove both from your diet.  After they have been eliminated you can then add soy back in to see if you can get away with only being dairy free. Unfortunately, my son reacted worse to soy than any amount of dairy.

2. It takes time- It can take up to three weeks for all traces of dairy to leave your system. It can take up to a month before you see any improvements. My son’s rash started clearing up after the first week of be being completely dairy and soy free. It then took another month for us to see full improvements.

3. Read all food labels- Break out a magnifying glass and pay close attention. Dairy and soy can be hidden in anything; in fact, I found soy in my pre-natal vitamins.  Make sure to learn all the unassuming names that dairy and soy can be labeled as such as Casein, Whey, Rennet, Miso and Tempeh.

4. All cheeses are not equal- This may just be my personal opinion, but dairy free cheese does not taste like cheese and in no way will it fill your cheese cravings. Try goat’s milk or sheep’s milk cheeses if you are needing a cheese fix. Make sure to try these one at a time, and only after your elimination period. Keep a close eye on your little one for reactions.