Crunchy moms are some of the hardest-working but most creative people I know. You deserve some fun and a chance to show off all your talent!  Team up with some friends to throw an Ugly Sweater Party, and don’t forget the crunchy twist!

It’s simple to host.  Start by inviting your friends with a fun card that has ugly written all over it.

Next, it’s time to plan the food.  If your family or friends have food allergies or choose to “eat clean,” try preparing some tasty recipes with an eye on wellness. Many things can be made ahead of time.  The other option is to ask each guest to bring a dish to share.

Of course, no dinner is complete without dessert! Ugly sweaters galore will make your guests giggle.  Get yourself an ugly sweater cake pan and ugly sweater cookie cutters.  Make a gluten-free/dairy-free cake ahead of time, and decorate it like your own ugly sweater.  Prepare allergy-friendly cookies ahead (they can be frozen in containers lined with parchment), and have your guests decorate their own ugly sweater cookies at the party.

For decorations, there are an overwhelming amount of ideas on Pinterest.  One of my favorites is to upcycle old sweaters all over the place, from everything like gift wrap, to wine bottle or mug cozies, to framed art on the walls.  Get creative and don’t be afraid to cut up your Goodwill finds!

Getting dressed for the party?  Don’t have an ugly sweater? That’s OK, you can make your own hilarious shirt!  Caution, some are downright inappropriate for a party where there are children.

If you need a little extra ugly, knock your guests’ sweaters off with this awesome Rudolf Hair style.  It’s incredibly silly and indulgently cute. Watch a tutorial:


The day has finally come and your guests have arrived!  What to do?  Start with dinner and dessert, of course!  Next, lay out the sweater cookies and toppings, and let your guests each decorate their own cookie.

For some real bonding, how about a few rounds of Christmas Minute-to-Win-It, followed by a fun Ugly Sweater photo booth!

While folks are waiting to snap pics at the photo booth, it’s time to start the judging.  Provide an adorable ugly sweater voting box by wrapping a toddler’s sweater around a tissue or shoe box, leaving the neck hole at the top for the slot.   Ask for votes on best sweaters and cookies.  If you want to give out a lot of prizes, you can make categories such as Most Outrageous, Funniest, Most Inappropriate, and of course: All Around Ugliest.

Prizes should capitalize on the fun!  Pink elephant type gifts are the most memorable, so get creative and match the gift to the prize title.

Don’t forget to send everyone home with their cookie as a little reminder of the fun you’ve all had together.

Have you ever hosted an ugly sweater party? Share you tips in the comments below!

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