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Mommy’s Club is a buying club that offers personal health, household, and body care products made with all-natural, organic, and toxic free ingredients. They aspire to create a community of like-minded individuals who want to make their home a healthier place to raise a family.

I received a bottle of their Daily Cleansing Foam, 7oz, to review and giveaway. The Retail Price of the product is $15.95 and Member Price is only $10.95. Its features include:

  • Made with organic, EcoCert, and toxic-free ingredients
  • Replacement for any soap, especially anti-bacterial soap products
  • Post-diaper clean-up
  • Soothing minor scrapes, cuts, and burns
  • No-rinse hand washing
  • Cleans and sanitizes surfaces
  • Includes a hypoallergenic skin moisturizer
  • Promotes cell replenishment
  • All Natural Cleansing agent that breaks down into a salt solution

I absolutely LOVED this product! It is a miracle product that can be used for all kinds of things (just see the long list above)!

An hour after receiving and opening my bottle of Daily Cleansing Foam, my 5 year old had her first major wipe-out on her scooter! I immediately pulled out the Daily Cleansing Foam to wash my hands before tending to her new booboos. I noticed it said “Cuts & Burns” on the front, so I quickly read the bottle and decided to use it on her scraped hands and knees. It was a major success! She loved that it was foaming, and it DIDN’T sting (which is a BIG thing in our house). It also promotes cell replenishment, which after a wipe-out is much appreciated! Lastly, but certainly not least, it is something I don’t mind putting on my kids skin, and I’m pretty picky!

We have also used this for a quick cleansing after diaper changes, quick hand washes (it didn’t dry out my hands), and to wipe off our table after crafts. It performed nicely in all the tasks.

Since we’re talking about a natural product, here is the ingredient list: Purified Water, Decyl Glucocide (1), Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (Stabilized Oxygen)***, Vegetable Glycerin (and) Leontopodium Alpinum (Edelweiss Flower) Extract** (and) Aloe Barbandensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Extract* (and) Helichrysum Italicum (Everlasting) Extract*.

* Certified Organic, ** EcoCert, ***Cleansing agent that breaks down into a salt solution, (1)NOP-NSF Organic Compliant/Ecocert Compliant

If you would like to win your very own bottle of Mommy’s Club Daily Cleansing Foam, follow the directions below below for the giveaway. The winner will receive one bottle of Mommy’s Club Daily Cleansing Foam.

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A random giveaway winner will be posted on the Rafflecopter above on Friday, February 28, 2013. Good Luck!

Other than receiving a free sample of this product to review from Mommy’s Club Malary Lush, Founding Member, I was not paid for any of the opinions or reviews expressed in this blog. Only products that score a 4+ on a 1-5 scale make it onto our blog! If you would like your product to be featured, please click here.