Are you looking for a fun natural craft to do with your kids for Thanksgiving? Check out these fun pinecone turkeys! It is super easy to modify if you don’t have all the materials AND you can get outside to pick up some pinecones with your kids.


  • Pinecone (they need to be opened up some so that you can put feathers in)
  • White school glue (hot glue would work too, but needs more adult supervision)
  • Feathers (if you don’t have feathers you can also use construction paper, felt, or even pipe cleaners-just use what you have!)
  • Small piece of felt or construction paper for beak
  • 2 Googley eyes



  1. Start with your feathers. I put some glue on a paper plate and let my kids dip their feathers in. Then, stick the feathers into the opened holes of the pinecone.
  2. Let the feathers dry. Add the googley eyes and beak (cut into a triangle). I like to add these to the bottom (flat portion) of the pinecone. Everything glues on easily there.
  3. Once everything is dry, display your work! I like to put them on our mantle as a Thanksgiving decoration. You could even work them into a Thanksgiving centerpiece!

Have fun!

pine-cones-1 pine-cones-2