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Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! If you are a breastfeeding mother, there are a few herbs that you need to avoid this holiday season!

They include:

  • Sage-Did you know that a small pinch of sage has been known to decrease or dry up a women’s milk supply? So avoid even small amounts of sage this holiday season!
  • Thyme, Parsley and Rosemary–  Most women can tolerate more thyme, parsley and rosemary than sage, however, please use them in moderation as large amounts can decrease milk supply.
  • Peppermint/Spearmint– A candy cane or two shouldn’t decrease your milk supply, but drinking peppermint tea can! Some people have reported a lower supply after drinking peppermint beverages from Starbucks on a regular basis.
  • Menthol– Menthol is found in cough drops, so if you get sick this season, make sure you take it easy on menthol cough drops. Too many can dry up milk.

Need a safe alternative for popular holiday dishes? I highly recommend giving Tarragon or Marjoram a chance in place of sage, thyme and parsley.

What safe and healthy foods will you feed your family this Thanksgiving?