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When it comes to pregnancy and sexual desire, there is a wide variation of normal. You may experience absolutely no change in the level of your sex drive. For some women it remains the same as it has always been. On the other hand, you may very well experience wild shifts in your libido that catch you by surprise. This is a very common phenomenon, so if it happens to you, have no fear. You are perfectly normal!

When most women think of sexuality and pregnancy, the first thing that may come to mind is lack of sexual desire. There is a good reason for this stereotype. It is oftentimes true! The major hormonal shifts that occur during this time can cause nausea and exhaustion during early pregnancy, and later in pregnancy your changing shape might make you feel awkward during sex. Other reasons for waning sexual desire during pregnancy include worries about finances, becoming a parent, or your changing relationship with your partner. Still others fear hurting the baby. Spending time cuddling with your partner and talking through concerns can help resolve some issues that lead to decreased desire, and it will definitely go a long way towards preventing hurt feelings and misunderstandings about what is causing the lack of interest in sex.

Women on the other end of the spectrum are less likely to hear about the libido changes they are experiencing. Some women say that their sex drives are never higher than while they are pregnant. They feel sexy and beautiful; they feel more connected to their partners emotionally, or simply have more physical urges. For some couples, this is a very pleasant deviation from the norm! If you find yourself wanting it all the time, go for it. As long as you are having a normal, healthy pregnancy, you won’t hurt the baby and there is no reason for you to avoid sex.

Regardless of where you fall on the sexual desire spectrum, be gentle with yourself. Your body and life are undergoing major changes, so it makes sense that your sex life might be temporarily affected. It is good to reminder that pregnancy doesn’t last forever, so enjoy the time for what it is. Everything will soon change. If you keep communication and affection flowing with your partner, you will grow as a couple, no matter how much or how little sex you’re having.