Can you name one thing, as a mother, that you can do completely for yourself? Even showering becomes for the health of others (like when the smell of your armpits clears a room) when you have a baby to take care of. Well, I have some good news; breastfeeding can be something you do for your baby and yourself! Here is a selfish, at times vain, list of why you should breastfeed. You deserve it!

1. Breastfeeding can lower your risk of cancer!

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing (2013), “breastfeeding for over six months not only provides children with numerous health benefits, but also protects mothers from breast cancer when the mothers are nonsmokers.” The risk of other cancers like ovarian and endometrial are also reduced.

2. Breastfeeding will help you get that pre-baby body back!

Nursing your baby after delivery will cause your uterus to contract and decrease in size quicker, thus reducing that baby bulge. Breastfeeding also burns calories, anywhere between 400-600 calories per day, that’s like running a mile!

3. Breastfeeding is a natural contraceptive!

Breastfeeding can aid in natural child spacing, especially for the first six months. Although, just to be safe, another contraceptive is recommended.

4. Breastfeeding is easier than formula!

Okay, it may be painful and difficult for the first month or so, but after that your milk supply is on demand and attached to you! No bottles to juggle, no formula to mix, your boobs are always the perfect temperature and ready!

5. Breastfeeding is free, formula is expensive!

Formula costs over $1,500/year, breastfeeding costs $0. That is a lot of cute cloth diapers you could be buying!

6. Breastfeeding delays your period.

You know that time of the month what your uterus decides to punish you for five days because you forgot to impregnate it? Yeah, well, you can delay that! Heck, I haven’t had a period since getting pregnant and my daughter turns 6 months old next week! Yeah breastfeeding!

7. Breastfeeding lets everyone sleep!

Sleep? You don’t need any more sleep in your life, you get plenty between work, laundry, cooking, groceries, feeding, diapering, playing, entertaining and everything else you do during the day right? Yeah, NOT! Well, if you co-sleep you can just attach that baby to your boob and go right back to sleep. Breastfeeding releases hormones that make you sleepy and give you a better, deeper sleep too!

8. Breastfeeding makes for much better diaper changes.

Have you ever changed a diaper of a formula fed baby? It stinks! Breastfed poop is practically odorless and is so easy to clean!

9. Breastfeeding gives you some nice cleavage.

For those of us who weren’t as blessed in the booby department, breastfeeding gives us something to work with. My barely there A cups are now filling out my shirts!

10. Breastfeeding is what is best for your baby.

At the end of the day, that is what all of us moms care about. It’s peace of mind knowing you are providing the best possible nutrients to your baby.