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Two years ago this December, Mindy of The Natural Direction began to change her life.  She decided to take the plunge into a healthier, more all-natural lifestyle, one step at a time.  Over this time, she has done a lot of research, made great new discoveries and created some wonderful products that she is able to share with the world today.

Mindy sent me her amazing Face Ease face cream.  I have said before how horrible my skin (and hair) is.  I have suffered from the same acne prone face that Mindy has, so I was so excited to try something that was created by someone who actually had the same issues.  When I first tried the Face Ease, I was a little apprehensive.  It seemed very oily and not right for my skin type.  I decided to go another route on the way I applied it, as well as the amount that I applied, and it made a HUGE difference.  A little of this cream goes a LONG way.  It is jam packed with a bunch of different oils that are delicious for your skin such as Jojoba, Coconut and Carrot Seed oils.

The first time I used the oil, I definitely used a little too much.  I actually had to wash my face and come back to it another day.  The next time I applied it, I used just a tiny bit on the tip of my finger and it was perfect.  At first, it will seem like it’s too oily, but after a few minutes, the oil will soak into your skin leaving you smooth and shine-free.  The third time, I decided to try some little handmade face pads I had received to apply the cream.  I now have found the perfect applicator for the cream as I feel the fabric really massages it into my skin better.

The Face Ease really quenches my face’s thirst and lasts a lot longer than any other moisturizer I have ever used without feeling oily and grimy.  I have noticed my face is more clear and I’m really only getting small breakouts due to stress rather than regular, every day bad skin.  I haven’t been using it long enough to see a major transformation in my wacky skin, but it has really impressed me in the time I have used it.  I’m glad I gave it a second chance!

I got to try her Flower Power Foot Powder as well.  Actually, my stinky-footed 6 year old tried it.  This funk-free, bacteria-free powder is AMAZING!  Seriously, this child has the stinkiest feet EVER (aside from his dad).  They can empty a room in seconds!  I would have him wash his feet every day when he got home because I just couldn’t handle the smell.  When we sprinkled some of the foot powder in his shoes, he could come home, take off his shoes and not cause everyone in the room to gag!  It was quite the miracle.  We’ve tried many different non-crunchy powders and none of them work like this does.  Granted, he wasn’t so fond of the flower scent, but flowery feet are way better than stinky foot!

Mindy also sent me a sample of her soap nuts which are amazing and the perfect thing to use with cloth diapers!  They are so easy to use and work great!  I just started back to using cloth again and I love that with the soap nuts you don’t have to measure detergent (which I always manage to spill).

If a stinky someone in your home has offensive foot odor or you want to try some of Mindy’s other great products (there are tons, go look!), use the code CRUNCHYMOM13 for 15% off of your order through December 31st, 2013.  You can also enter to win your own Face Ease by following the steps on the rafflecopter widget below!

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A random giveaway winner will be posted in the Giveaway section of the Crunchy Moms forum on Friday, December 6th!  Good Luck!

Other than receiving a free sample of this product to review from Euforia Confections, I was not paid for any of the opinions or reviews expressed in this blog.  Only products that score a 4+ on a 1-5 scale make it onto our blog!  If you would like your product to be featured, click here.