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I have a cloth diaper confession to make.

I usually choose which cloth diaper I want to buy based on what it looks like. I know that I should be concerned about absorption and durability, but a cute baby in a cute diaper makes me swoon. So, when I was asked to review a Thirsties Duo All In One in the “black bird” pattern I did not hesitate to say yes. After all, it met my main criteria of being super cute. I knew the details would work themselves out one way or another.

Brittany from sent me a diaper to review, and one to give away!

“Black Bird” is an adorable, gender-neutral pattern that works with a variety of colors. The touch of orange really makes this pattern visually interesting and keeps it from being boring. Typically, I shy away from white diapers because I am worried about showing dirt, but after a trip around the playground plus typical baby messes, this one is cleaning up nicely both inside and out.

How Does It Fit?
My son is short for his age and right at 18 pounds. The size two diaper is working very well for him. It is sized for 18-40 pounds so we have a lot of room to grow here, which this frugal mom appreciates.

Even though my son is short for his age (26 inches at 12 months old), I did not find it necessary to use the snaps to make it smaller. While I am no Kelly Wels, I know this is an important feature to get a custom fit on factory produced cloth diapers.

What Type Of Closure Does It Have?
The Duo All In One is available in Aplix or snap closures. I received one with an Aplix closure, which was new to me. In the past, I have avoided hook and loop closures because I did not want to spend time picking lint or strings out of the grippy side. This is not an issue for the Thirsties Duo All In One. It is simple to just fold the Aplix in before washing to protect it, which makes me rethink all of the cute cloth diaper possibilities I have been missing out on. Just don’t tell my hubby!

Does It Work?
Of course, the big question is, “do they leak?” to which I can confidently respond, “No!” I did not experience a single leak in this diaper. There are seven layers of microfiber terry and hemp absorption plus room for an insert. My son nurses three to five times a night and often wakes with a very full diaper. The Thirsties Duo All In One was able to handle that without any additional inserts. It is nice though to know the option is there should a baby need it.

Overall, I am highly satisfied with this diaper. The look, fit, and performance exceeded my expectations for an all-in-one diaper.

Follow the steps below for your chance to win a size 1 ( for babies under 18 lbs) Thirsties Duo All In One in the “black bird” pattern!
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Other than receiving a free sample of this product to review from EcoHeiney, I was not paid for any of the opinions or reviews expressed in this blog.

Now I need to know. Do you have any cloth diaper confessions to make?