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My husband is helplessly addicted to caffeine, and I love tea.  We’re on our second Keurig coffee machine, and it’s a love-hate relationship.  We love the fact that it quickly brews a perfect cup.  We hate the fact that those tiny little K-Cups are taking up so much space in the landfill, and that we have no idea if the coffee beans or tea have been grown with chemicals, or harvested and traded ethically.  What about that plastic? It can’t be a healthy additive, melting chemicals in to our beverages.  Here’s how we’re attempting to be better global citizens while still allowing ourselves to enjoy our one-cup machine.

  • We use a refillable k-cup.  Nope, it’s not as convenient as those disposable cups, but it’s cheaper, and it doesn’t go in the trash.  When it’s finally worn out, it can be recycled.
  • Hubby buys fair trade coffee for his refillable cup.  There are so many yummy flavors of fair trade coffee available these days. He actually likes the flavor of one of these better than anything he’s found in the disposable cup selection.
  • And here’s one for fellow mamas who enjoy tea:  Did you know these cups can brew tea?  You can put loose-leaf tea or a tea bag in the reusable cup, and get a good result.

Do you use a one-cup coffee machine?  How are you reducing your carbon footprint?