cloth diapers1

There is no doubt that cloth diapering can be cheaper than using disposables, but what if you are on a budget? A super tight, have no money kind of budget? Do not fear, it can be done for under $100!

1. Buy used diapers. You can buy used diapers at a discount. There are many cloth diaper only buy/sell/trade groups on Facebook. You can also find them locally (to avoid shipping costs) or on Craigslist. will soon open their marketplace where you can buy and sell items like cloth diapers.

2. Buy prefolds or flats and covers. Prefolds and flats are easy and cheap compared to other types of diapers. You can also buy one-size diaper covers for them that last from infancy through potty training.

3. Buy Seconds. Many of the big diaper companies and work at home mom’s sell their “seconds” diapers at a deep discount. These diapers have minor flaws but are fully functional. Often you can’t even tell what is wrong with them (though they will come with a cut tag or similar).

4. Buy Chinese-made diapers. Some Chinese companies make knock-off diapers similar to the diapers that the popular U.S. companies make. There are many Facebook “group buys” groups that order from these companies at a discount. You can also find these diapers on eBay or their company websites. Popular choices include: Sunbaby diapers and Alvababy diapers. I have never had quality issues with diapers I have ordered from China.

5. Keep your diaper “stash” simple. Its so easy to get wrapped up in all the cloth diaper excitement. Think about how many diapers you really need and stick to that number. As your baby gets older, you will need fewer diapers.

6. Rethink your laundry detergent. Many companies make their own cloth diaper detergent, but that can get expensive. Look into recommended detergents that are more mainstream or many people even make their own.

7. Don’t forget to sell diapers you are no longer using. Cloth diapers have high resale values which will help make up for your initial investment. Also, sell off a few diapers here and there as your baby gets older and you need fewer diapers. 

Without question, compared to disposables, cloth  diapers save money.

What’s your favorite way to save money on cloth diapers?