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We have monthly and long term sponsorship options available. Crunchy Moms offers a variety of promotional opportunities. From text link advertising, sponsored blog content, product reviews, store reviews, banners, website branding, social media shout outs,  or better yet – we can come up with a custom campaign to suit your brand’s needs. We will work with you to meet your budget and help you grow.


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The Header and Sidebar are seen throughout the content portion of the website.


One 468×60 Header Ad is available each month.

With over 20,000 visitors each month, the header ad is a premium ad space.

This ad is viewed on every page of the website.

Pricing January through September is $350 per month. Pricing in October through December is $750 per month.


One 300×300 side bar and four 125×125 sidebar ads are available each month. Placement of the ads on the sidebar depends on the advertisers needs. The 125×125 ads are always located towards the bottom of the sidebar.

The 300×300 ad space at the top of the sidebar (under the search and social icons) is a premium location and is highly visible.  This spot is $300 per month. This ad is not visible on the shopping pages, forum or directory.

A 300×300 ad midway down the sidebar is $250 per month.

Only one 300×300 per month is posted on the website.

125×125 sidebar ads are just $75 per month.

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