I had the privilege of meeting Maraya, the inventor of Eat Cleaner, at an event in LA a couple of years ago. Her product, Eat Cleaner, is a must-have for any Crunchy Mom who wants to ensure that all of the pesticides, herbicides and other nasty chemicals are safely washed from fruits and vegis before eating. This product is an important staple for moms that want to ensure that those apples, grapes, lettuce and other good foods aren’t tainted by agriculture. Even biological toxins like bacteria are safely dealt with when sprayed with Eat Cleaner.They also have an AMAZING Seafood + Poultry Wash.

I can tell you that this product leaves no aftertaste. You won’t have a soapy taste in your mouth at all. It leaves all of the fruits and vegi’s we tried tasting fresh.

If you’re like us, farmer’s markets are to good to ignore. And, since we live in the Central Valley, a HUGE hub for fruits and vegis, we hit fruit stands all of the time. Of course, it smells to good to make it the entire ride home, so we use the wipes. The Eat Cleaner wipes are a must-have for your purse or travel bag. You can safely clean any toxins off of your find and eat them on the go.

You can get the whole kit on Amazon for an extremely reasonable price and you’re supporting a mom-owned business. For more information, check out their website at www.EatCleaner.com

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