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A diaper rash is inflammation of the skin, which is typically caused by infrequent diaper changes or diapering your little one too tightly. Hindering air flow to your baby’s bottom is one of the many causes of diaper rash.  Even if you’re the most attentive diaper changing parent, your baby will inevitably get a diaper rash at one point or another. Many parents from older generations will swear by chemical ointments that are commonly used by parents. However, often times these ointments can actually aggravate rashes. What natural alternatives are there? The following five items are inexpensive natural alternatives for treating a diaper rash.

1. Breast Milk– There are many great healing properties to breast milk. Simply dab onto the affected area and let air dry before you cover baby’s bottom with a diaper.

2. Coconut Oil– Coconut oil is wonderful for your baby’s bottom. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of this oil make it perfect for treating not only diaper rashes but also yeast infections. Simply rub the oil on your little ones bottom after each diaper change.

3. Yogurt– Plain unsweetened yogurt is a great option for a diaper rashes that are caused by thrush or yeast. To apply, dab a little bit of plain unsweetened yogurt to the affected area. The live, active culture acidophilus works almost instantly to kill the yeast that is causing your little ones diaper rash.

4. Oatmeal– Using oatmeal for a diaper rash works wonders to relieve the itchiness and stinging sensations that are often common with a diaper rash. For this remedy oatmeal should be blended into a fine powder. Once the oatmeal reaches a fine powder it should be mixed with water until a silky texture is achieved.  Your baby should then sit in this oatmeal bath for 15-20 minutes.