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Thanksgiving is often a time used to reflect on all that we are thankful for in our lives.

We asked a group of “Crunchy Kids” what they were thankful for and here are their awesome answers!

Be prepared to laugh!

Ages 1-2 years old:

“Mommy milk, coffee and trains.” Caden, age 2.

“I’m thankful too! For my school. Thankful for my school… and my house.” Holden, age 2.

“Stairs!” Anonymous, age 18 months.

“Thankful for Paw Patrol.” Chevy, age 2.

“Nana, Pappa, Mamma, Addi.” Ansley, age 24 months.

“I’m thankful for God who gives me chocolate.” Ofelia, age 2 ½.

“Boob.” Merric, age 2.

“I’m thankful for Raw-e (her brother, Raleigh) and apple sandwiches.” Brena, age 2.

“Taco Tuesday!!” Breelyn, age 1 ½.

Ages 3-4 years old:

“My family, because I love them. I love my mom and dad so much… and my little brother. I love him too.” Camden, age 4.

“Huh… Paint!” Noah, age 3.

“I’m thankful for toys, my tool box and Liam and Ana.” Lucas, age 3.

“Boy Shrek, spicy medicine (minced garlic in honey– which she actually hates!), Mamma and Daddy.” Addison, age 3.

“I’m thankful for my elephant backpack and my baby brother.” Lillian, age 3 ½.

“I’m thankful for my Meemaw and Papa and my friends, too!” Rhett, age 4.

“I am thankful for toys, a tv, Chubs (baby brother) and sister, mom and dad.” Owen, age 4.

“I am thankful for my mommy, daddy, bruuder (brother), and my kelsi dog.” Colton, age 4.

“Cayston (her baby brother).” Emme, age 3.

“I’m thankful for my Mommy who I love eeeeeeveryday! And for my Daddy, and Libby and Noah!” Clara, age 4.

“My sword!” Thomas, age 3 ½.

“I don’t know.” Cris, age 4 ½.

Ages 5 and older:

“I’m thankful for Skylanders.” Anonymous boy, age 6.

“Mommy, crafts, books and love.” Charlotte, age 5.

“I’m thankful for Pokemon.” Anonymous girl, age 10.

“I’m thankful for everything I have.” Remy, age 6.

“I’m thankful for everybody in the world and them being safe and I’m thankful for Mackenzie having shoulders so I can get on her shoulders and I’m thankful for us having food and a car and I’m glad that I got my ears pierced. I’m thankful for God being alive in Heaven and everywhere. And I’m thankful for dad having his RC cars. That’s all I can think of for now.” Sadie, age 5.

“Electricity, Family, Good Health, Food, School, Friends, Books, and Legos.” Logan, age 9.

“I’m thankful for my family. I’m thankful for my house that Daddy got us. I’m thankful for my clothes that you guys buy me. I’m thankful for what you did for my birthday. I’m thankful for the food you guys make me. I love the special things you do to make me happy.” Scarlett, Age 7.

“A good family and a nice, beautiful home, and the world being made, and Sadie being born, and me and Sadie having fun, and did I say my family? And electronics and Jesus and Paris and the Eiffel Tower and food and everything that God made.” Mackenzie, age 8.

“Ummmm, Mason (little brother)… why? Ummmmm Video games.” Spencer, age 10.

“I’m thankful for my family and friends. I’m thankful for church and that I get to homeschool!” Elizabeth, age 7.

“I’m thankful for my coloring.” Alexys, age 6.

“I’m thankful for my family and my friends. I’m thankful Daddy has a good job, and that you quit your job to be home with us. I’m thankful we changed our diet so I can feel better and we can be healthy. **thinking of another answer** ….I’m also thankful none of our family members have been shot or killed.” Noah, age 8.

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you and your family thankful for? Add your own answers in the comments below!