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It turns out mommies may be worth more than anyone realizes.

As a work-at-home-in-yoga-pants mom, I wish: “If only I were paid for all the cooking, cleaning, and caring I did around the clock, in addition to my home office hours.”

Though my rewards aren’t all financial the work is still fulfilling, yet challenging.  Can I get an “Amen!” ladies?

Recently, my grandmother was talking about how “times have changed” and women have freedom to be more than moms and homemakers, and we can expect help from our significant-others.

While we may have been “liberated,” many of us still carry the bulk of responsibility of running a smooth household in addition to employment.

In fact, many of us work not only out of a need for personal fulfillment, but due to financial obligations.

Not many families with children can afford to live on one income- even that of a husband/father employed full-time with a Master’s Degree level position, like in my family.

And, let’s admit it, ladies:  We are not super-heroes!

It’s tough to juggle work, family, and household in high-heels.

I am lucky to have a very supportive husband who pitches in when he returns home in the evenings, and is the main diaper-changer on weekends.

I am also blessed to be able to work from home, thus cutting down on clothing, transportation, and other inherent expenses of working.

On the other hand, I’m attending graduate school, which is expensive and time-consuming, and I have to pay a ‘mother’s helper’ to watch my toddler while I work.

Some days I feel as though I can barely keep up with the expense of school and childcare, let alone the piles of dirty laundry and dishes.

At the end of the day, I’m so tired I have trouble falling asleep.

Can you identify with this story?  Then keep reading, because I’m going to share some amazing statistics with you!

It turns out that if a working mom were to be paid for her “mom” duties in 2013, she would make an average of $67,000 per year in addition to her salary!

And what about a stay-at-home mom?

Why, just a measly $114,000 per year!

*Note to Dads:  What this means is that if your family were to employ someone else to do  everything your kids’ mom does, this is how much it would cost you.*

So, what?  Moms do it for free all the time.

Moms are never going to be paid for homemaking services, right?

Well, we may not be paid in dollars, but this information may help those of us who need support from our families who may not appreciate what we do for them every day.

Moms: Share this information with your partner and your kids, your in-laws, your neighbors, and your friend who is also struggling with her unending duties in this balancing act we call “motherhood.”

If people are aware of our worth, they may treat us with more respect, even if we’re wearing yoga pants.

And best of all, moms, you may come home to clean dishes and folded laundry once-in-a-while!

“Thanks mom!  You’re priceless!”

So, who needs to read this information?  Share your comments below.